What Is The Letter Of Administration (Without A Will)?

If a person dies without a valid desire, then there is no executor. Therefore, in the form of kin, next to kin, takes on the role of administering the property of the deceased.

They cannot do this unless they grant administration letters on the shelter.

The letter of administration is the process of applying for dead property to the Supreme Court according to Section 14 of the Administration Act. The letters of administration show that the court has examined the related documents and it is satisfied that the person named in the grant has been authorized to administer the property.

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The Law

When the letters of administration are issued, the property of the deceased is contained in the administrator. This is proof of administrator’s right to deal with the property. In order to protect the deceased property from unfair treatment, the administration letters are required to issue or transfer the property of the deceased to the administrator to distribute too many beneficiaries such as banks, share registries, and land registry.

Usually, only the person or person who is entitled to all the part of the property is entitled to apply for the “grant of administration letters” in the court. The objective of this application is to prove to the court that the person making the application is most suitable person to appoint “Administrator” of the deceased estate.

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