How Does A Settlement Agent Differ From A Conveyancing Lawyer?

April 3, 2024    Deceased Estate Lawyers Perth
How Does A Settlement Agent Differ From A Conveyancing Lawyer?

Are you considering hiring a settlement agent or a conveyancing lawyer to transfer the ownership of your property from one person to another? Although both the settlement agent and a conveyancing lawyer in Perth provide conveyancing services, it is important to know the importance of each professional and then decide whom you want to hire for your work.

If you have found the perfect house to purchase or sell, hiring the right person to handle all your documentation is important for a smooth process. This website blog will discuss the difference between a settlement agent and a conveyancing lawyer.

What is a Settlement Agent?

A settlement agent is a real estate professional who is trained, qualified and educated to handle all the legal processes required to purchase and sell a property. They provide excellent conveyancing services to customers in Australia and ease the troubles that often relate to real estate dealings.

Every Settlement And Conveyancing Lawyer in Perth is licensed by the Department of Commerce. To be a qualified professional under the eyes of the clients and customers, they are required to hold a current Settlement Agent License and a triennial certificate under the Settlement Agents Act 1981.

Their work only assists the buyers and sellers in transferring the property and the work outlined in the Settlement Agents Act.

What is a Conveyancing Lawyer?

Conveyancing lawyers are legal professionals trained and qualified to provide conveyancing and legal services to the buyers and sellers of a property. Every conveyancing solicitor in Perth must be certified according to the Legal Profession Conduct Rules 2010 and the Legal Profession Act 2008. Also, every lawyer must hold professional indemnity insurance coverage.

In addition to providing conveyancing services, the conveyancing lawyers also provide legal advice and take legal action regarding property issues. They are equipped with complex legal knowledge and are experienced in handling all property-related legal issues. Deceased estate lawyers in Perth handle the estate administration after a person dies.

What is a Conveyancer?

The term “conveyancer” refers to qualified or certified professionals who provide conveyancing services. In Australia, no law restricts or covers the term “conveyancer”, so you can consider both the settlement agent and a conveyancing lawyer as a conveyancer.

Why Would One Hire a Settlement Agent?

The reasons for hiring a settlement agent include:

  • Handling all the payment dues related to the property settlements.
  • Inform real estate agents, financers, or sellers about any changes to the contract.
  • To prepare the required documents for a smooth transfer of the property.
  • To create a strong financial plan and make financial decisions.
  • Working with these professionals helps to handle all your stress.

Why Should One Hire a Conveyancing Lawyer?

The reasons for hiring a conveyancing lawyer are as follows:

  • To confirm the completion and legality of the contract of sale of the property before it is submitted to the legal board in Australia to ensure no loss of money.
  • To handle all the legal issues faced while buying and selling the property.
  • Obtain legal advice and fight for your property rights when faced with legal troubles.
  • Ensure that all the documents and other paperwork are by the law.
  • A deceased estate lawyer handles all your legal property settlements after your death.

Should You Choose a Settlement Agent or a Conveyancing Lawyer?

It is often confusing as to whom we should choose as both professionals provide conveyancing services. However, asking the following questions may help you with your choices:

  • Qualifications: Enquire if they have the required certifications and knowledge to provide the conveyancing services.
  • Experience: Confirm how many properties they have handled and if one of them is the property you are dealing with currently.
  • Legislation: Ask to see if the professionals are updated on the latest changes to the property laws.
  • Specialist Advice: Ask for specific advice on certain topics, such as whether the sale has family law implications, whether you need to change your will, etc.
  • Complexity: Is the property settlement complex? Enquire if they can ease your burden and effectively settle a profitable deal.


Hence, when dealing with buying and selling a property, you can hire a settlement agent or a conveyancing lawyer to help you with the processes required to make a deal with the other person. Also, it is necessary to research before you decide to hire Deceased Estate Lawyers in Perth WA.

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