Things To Avoid In Your Estate Will

November 16, 2023    Deceased Estate Lawyers Perth
Things To Avoid In Your Estate Will

Are you aware of the importance of making a will? It is a valid document that mentions the distribution of assets and your last wishes. Having a solid will will save your near and dear ones from every trouble and stress.

However, it is imperative to understand the nuances of what you should avoid in a will, for better clarity. Here we have discussed the most important aspects. Additionally you will also learn some tips about how to create an effective will.

Why should I make a valid will?

Before knowing about the process of preparing an effective will, you should know the importance of preparing a valid will.

  • The assets will be distributed per the law of intestacy when you don’t have the needed will, depending on your residence. You can decide how to distribute the assets when you are no longer in the world. Your loved ones should respect the last wishes, and you can take care of your beloved.
  • A well-crafted estate will be beneficial to reduce conflicts and disputes among the family members. You can avoid misunderstandings and disagreements when you mention the intentions and desires in the will. This is needed to maintain peace and harmony between the family members.
  • When you have the will, you can reduce the financial burden on the beloved. The process of distributing the assets is lengthy and costly without a will. Distributing assets will be more efficient and less expensive, allowing your loved ones to heal from the loss rather than deal with complex legal issues.

Also make sure to ensure the validity of the will so that there will be no question on the innocence of the will.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

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Some of the common mistakes which you should avoid while preparing a will are stated below:

  • You need to update the will regularly and it should reflect life changes.
  • You must remember to consider the assets and accounts and ensure you have accounted for everything.
  • It is important to watch out for the beneficiary designations. You must review and update them as per your needs.
  • You must specify and mention the alternate beneficiaries. This is beneficial to avoid complications if the primary beneficiaries cannot inherit.
  • Remember about the minor children. You should name a guardian for them in the will. This guarantees that someone you trust will care for them after you leave.
  • Estate tax implications must be noticed. You should consult an attorney dealing with inheritance to know about the effects on the estate.
  • It is important to depend on professional advice for DIY templates. They will ensure that the will is legally sound and tailored per your needs and specifications.

Tips For Creating A Comprehensive Estate Will

You need to follow the below mentioned tips in order to create a comprehensive estate will:

  • Speaking with an experienced estate planning lawyer is important to create a comprehensive estate will. They have the expertise to advise you in the overall process and ensure that your wishes are properly documented and legally binding. The knowledge of estate laws and regulations helps them to avoid any form of potential pitfalls.
  • You must take the inventory of all assets and debts to create a thorough estate will. This is in the form of properties, investments, bank accounts and other outstanding loans and debts. You can easily make better asset distribution decisions when you know your financial situation.
  • It is crucial to define the beneficiaries of their shares clearly. This guarantees that the assets are distributed equally as per your wish. Moreover, you can avoid potential conflicts and disputes between your loved ones and offer clarity and peace of mind to the beneficiaries.
  • You need to appoint a reliable and trustworthy executor to help you plan. The person needs to be responsible for carrying the wishes and managing the estate after you pass it. The person you select must be trustworthy, organized and capable of handling the executor’s responsibilities.
  • You must consider establishing trust for specific needs to create the estate will. Trusts are a useful tool to manage assets and offer long-term needs for the beneficiaries. They can be set up to offer educational expenses, healthcare costs, and other specific requirements that you need.
  • You need to tell your intentions to your loved ones. This is needed to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts after you have passed away. You can discuss the estate plan with your near and dear ones. Moreover, you need to ensure that everybody knows your wishes and understands the reason behind the decision.
  • Creating a detailed and comprehensive estate needs consultation from an experienced lawyer. They must take hold of the assets and debts, clearly define the beneficiaries about their shares and appoint a trusted executor. You need to follow the steps below to ensure the will is valid and legally sound.

The Importance of Regular Reviews and Updates

You must have the basic idea about the importance of regular reviews and updates of the wills. Everybody’s life changes significantly and it must be highlighted in the legal documents. Any form of major life events like marriage, divorce and childbirth have to be mentioned in the will to make sure that the wishes are fulfilled. It is important to consider that any type of financial situation and purchase of new assets will have to be updated as per the estate plan. This guarantees proper distribution of the assets and reduction in the disputes.

Some of the ways to review and update the will are mentioned hereafter:

  • Collect the needed documents of the beneficiary and the executor. Consider the changes needed as per your current needs and preferences.
  • Consult with an experienced estate planning lawyer. They can offer you the needed guidance and legal expertise to ensure the plan is detailed and up-to-date. They will advise as per the recent changes in the law, which will affect the plan.
  • You must execute and store the updated documents. It is vital to inform your beloved people and other key individuals like the executor and the trustee about the changes you have made.

Regular review and updates about the will and estate plan are vital to ensure that the wishes are precisely reflected and your loved ones are protected. You can have peace of mind that your estate plan is in order when you review and revise the documents periodically.


It is important to avoid the common mistakes mentioned above. This will ensure that your estate will effectively protect the assets and the future of near and dear ones. You must know about the importance of a well-crafted estate will. Consider taking the time to carry the wishes you have liked. Deceased Estate Lawyers in Perth is an excellent option for you to get legal advice whenever needed. These lawyers will help you no matter what the situation.

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