Challenging Unfair Wills

A will is a legal document that determines the last desires of a person in relation to all their worldly possessions – property, financial and other properties – and once the bequest (the person who has done) died. The person drafted a will can usually leave his property as he wishes.

But what about it if they have left someone who really should have benefited? Is it possible for a will to be unjustified? What is the right to challenge a person to a Will? Is this possible?

Challenging a will can be incredibly complex. If you are planning to challenge an unfair will; it is essential that you consult a deceased estate lawyers Perth.

Who Can Challenge A Will?

In simple words, one can usually bring a claim against a property if they are based on reasons; the only exception is ‘proper provision’. For any other aspects such as validity, capacity, inappropriate influence etc., there are no strict definitions of who can challenge Will, though you generally expect that he will be a person interested in property or someone on their account. ‘Proper provision’ is different from other areas. Only a few people can claim to challenge the conditions described in Will on the basis of such a dispute.

If you fall into one of these categories of people who can claim and believe that you may have a valid reason to challenge the will, then it is possible for a lawyer to make a legal challenge against unfair wills, resulting in a Modification or invalidation.

Whether you are thinking about a will challenge, or you are the executor or beneficiary of the witch, who is being challenged, our highly experienced deceased estate lawyers Perth can help you. We have the experience of winning fair compensation for our customers,

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