Contesting A Will

The death of a person is a test time, and choosing from a will can make things even more difficult. In the absence of a legitimate will, it is often complex to seek the legality of the deceased’s property and it is stressful for the people involved. Although according to the law a person has the right to choose the heirs of their property, there are many good reasons why a person should choose the will?

But if you feel that you are entitled to more than a deceased property, then Deceased estate lawyers Perth can assist you.

What are the grounds for contesting a Will?

In Australia, you can contest a will if:

  • You are a worthy person
  • You feel that you have been left without adequate provision for (adequate provision). The court may consider your financial status, your relationship with the deceased, the size of the property, and the relationship of the deceased with other people who are qualified to make a claim. The adequate provision is complex and difficult because it varies with each unique case.

What If The Deceased Did Not Leave The Will?

If the deceased has not left, otherwise the “exile” is known as the death, and then the property of the deceased is distributed in accordance with the rules prescribed in the state-based law. However, these rules do not take into account the personal circumstances of any potential beneficiaries of the deceased, which can result in an inappropriate distribution.

Deceased estate lawyers Perth are experienced legal practitioner engaged in will and property disputes and provides comprehensive and practical advice on challenging or defending wills, obtaining administration grant and finding solutions to claims and disputes. We provide a personalized, consistent approach, which admits that property claims are often emotional and highly sensitive.

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