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One of the best ways to make sure that the property and assets are distributed according to your desire post your demise is to make a Will. It can undoubtedly save a lot of stress and the efforts of your loved ones during difficult times.

It looks extraordinarily simple, yet there are many nets in it that can fall into one person and it is difficult to have a purpose when preparing their own wishes. If you feel that you are entitled to more than you have been provided, our deceased estate lawyers in Perth can help you.

What Can A Lawyer Do To Help In A Disputed Will?

As probate law is a complex area of law to understand for many individuals, the help of the lawyer will ensure that the proceedings have started properly and according to legislative provisions. An attorney will be able to provide an initial assessment that whether you have a claim to challenge the will; in particular, a lawyer can assist in applying to the Supreme Court with the preparation of necessary documents. An Estate Lawyer Perth will be able to advise you on how to respond to the application already applied for the court.

Does Deadline Apply?

There will be a strict deadline; that is one must apply within 6 months for a probate grant. If no wish was left out, you will have to apply within 6 months of the grant of letters of administration.

There are very limited circumstances, where time limits can be increased. Where the court is satisfied that justice needs to be done, the applicant can be discharged for filing out of time.

At Deceased estate lawyers Perth we work with you professionally and provide practical and ethical legal advice. We are always at the forefront of the legal options available to our clients.

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