Enduring Power Of Attorney

The power of attorney is a document which lets you appoint one or more candidates to manage your financial and legal matters.

You can specify:

  • When the appointment is operated
  • Limited or unrestricted powers
  • Whether lawyers should work jointly or can they exercise powers independently
  • We are professionals in Enduring Power of Attorney and have a team of experienced and dedicated advocates, who will assist you.

More About Enduring Power Of Attorney?

An Enduring power of attorney is a legal document that is designed to appoint a person or other person or agency of his choice, which will create financial and/or estate decisions on their account.

We recommend that you consider applying the Enduring power of attorney to conduct your financial and legal matters in the event you;

  • Suffer from a mental illness or other misfortune, which inspires you to lose your mental capacity, or
  • You are not able to physically managing your affairs

Types Of Attorneys

    The deceased estate lawyer Perth can prepare your Enduring power of attorney and answer any questions you may have.

  • The sole attorney is appointed as a lawyer to a person
  • Joint Lawyers are two people appointed as attorneys, who should work together and agree on the decisions made.
  • Joint and several lawyers are appointed as lawyers, who can make decisions together or independently.

It is very important to consider, whom you appoint as your trustee as this person will be responsible for the management of your financial security and therefore the decisions made by this person can have a significant effect on your lifestyle. Deceased estate lawyers Perth has numerous years of experience in Enduring Power of Attorney and can help you take an informed decision and explain you the process of taking an action on it.

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