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From their nature, disputes over the Wills, Trusts, and Estates often occur during emotional vulnerability and crisis. Bringing or defending such claims is particularly demanding and may be filled up very quickly.

To help solve the issues, it is important to seek expert legal advice from the beginning and avoid potential litigation and expensive court proceedings.

For many people, death of a close family member is a difficult time. When it is found that your entitlement to a family member is being challenged to claim an inheritance, then it can become worse. If you are considering a will or an asset where there is no desire, then our inheritance disputes lawyers provide you practical advice to provide clear information about legal procedures and to help you resolve the legacy dispute in the most cost effective manner.

Circumstances Where A Hereditary Claim Arises?

    The following are the conditions where you can claim a succession and can ascertain the provision of the property of the deceased: –

  • When the deceased left a will at the time of death
  • When the deceased did not leave a luxury at the time of death

Our experienced family inheritance disputes Lawyers are well-versed in the case of legacy disputes and claims. If you are treated unfairly by your loved one or you want to seek advice before claiming a legacy or considering contesting a claim, then we can assist you.

What is the Time Period for making a hereditary claim?

When there is no will or delay property, there are time limits for contesting claims. The deadline to claim is 6 months from the date of probate or grant of administration.

If you have any questions related to legacy claims, contact our deceased lawyer Perth for legal advice to proceed.

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