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If in a relationship the parties combine their property, liabilities or financial resources individually or jointly with any other person, then either party can request property settlement. It includes, property owned by the party overseas; a property is fully acquired by a party before and after the relationship. Superannuation is now considered to be a likely property of family law matters and is able to split between parties.

When the parties are separated, then they will need to reach an agreement to give a formal form of division of the property. Before discussing financial issues related to the separation with your spouse or partner, it is necessary to get legal advice from experienced Property settlement lawyer.

Can You Settle An Unofficial Property?

Although there is no law against the legality of disposing of its informal property without the attorneys and under the provisions of the Family Law Act, this is not a wise step. Unless an agreement is approved by a court, or a formal binding financial agreement is made according to the Family Law Act, an informal property settlement is not considered to be compulsory. This means that one of the parties can put pressure on the other and in future, it may end up at the Family Court for the maximum share of the property.

The purpose of our Deceased estate lawyer Perth is to provide you with clear information, practical advice, and creative solutions so you can get the most cost effective legal system and documentation.

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From many years, our Property settlement lawyer has provided excellent service to highly satisfied customers. We know how to solve your legal family matters in relation to your entire circumstances that focus specifically on relationships, finance, and taxation. We can conduct negotiations and worry about a fair property settlement.

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